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Stand And Deliver

A lovely post about our upcoming midwifery documentary from Stand & Deliver, a pregnancy, birth & mothering blog

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Crowdfunder Launch!!

Our Crowdfunder goes live!


puppet place - ‘Crafted: The Art of Making’: A Documentary with Jan Zalud

From Puppet Place News Blog - looking inside our film with maker Jan Zalud

“I wanted to create films that championed ‘makers’ and beautifully showed their skill, without it having to be described. This series of films features no interviews, no narration and no music. Purely observational in style, detailing the various stages in the creation of an object, whether it an art or craft.”


Low impact - What we’re losing: the joy and satisfaction of crafting things by hand

From LowImpact.org - covering maker Jan Zalud, our film Woodcarving & Puppet Making and the future of handmade crafts

“One more thing – the argument – that organic food / craft products / non-toxic or non-exploitative good generally are unfaffordable – is often put by people wearing £150 trainers, who fly on regular ‘city breaks’, shop as a leisure activity and own giant, flat-screen TVs. It’s a question of priorities..”


Real to Real: The Craft Film Festival: Day 3

Festival Preview from the Crafts Council

“There’s a seam of heritage craft running through this year’s programme exemplified by a beautiful documentary on Owen Jones, an oak swill basket weaver based in the Lake District. Directed by Jacob Hesmondhalgh, this is an intimate portrait of a master maker.”


Low impact - Beautiful, meditative video on the art of oak swill basket weaving

From LowImpact.org - a lovely piece on our film and the history of Oak Swill Weaving

“no interview, no music, just an almost hypnotic and definitely meditative study of Owen using traditional tools and natural materials to make beautiful things.”


The Family & the Animals at Weyauwega Int Film Festival 15’

From Rex Sikes’s Movie Beat Blog - reporting from the day of the festival - we won!

“One of the commenters addressed a peculiar aspect of the film “The Family and the Animals’ by Marie Hobson and directed by Jacob Hesmondhalgh. There is no narration, there are no subtitles, the viewer is thrown into the same world the filmmakers were, however, as the commenter pointed out, which is accurate, the story is still very clear and easy to follow from the visuals alone. You get it…

Best Documentary Short goes to “The Family And The Animals’. England/Zimbabwe”